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Anytime... Anywhere. No Water... No Problem!

In The Car

Leave in a hurry and forget to shave or get a call on the way home? No problem. Pull over, grab the Evolution razor from your glovebox and in minutes your ready to go.

At The Office

Last minute or late in the day, you'll be ready for anything. Grab a 5 minute shave at your office or theirs of course on the road.

At The Airport

You’re on the go and you don’t check luggage. The last thing you need is to get held up at the security checkpoint. Well, we can’t speak to how much toothpaste or deodorant you pack, but Evolution is 100% TSA compliant.

Convenient, Economical, Fast and Neat...

Weighing less than a fountain pen the Evolution razor is everything you need. The moisturizing shaving lotion is in the handle and the Evolution doesn't need water, which means you can shave fully clothed in the car, or on a plane without leaving your seat. The shaving lotion is not a cheap foam and any remaining lotion can be massaged into your skin as a moisturizer. The Evolution 4 is economical too. As many as 6-10 facial saves per razor.

Evolution For Women

Wax or shave? Where and how often? Razor burn and bumps can be uncomfortable and unsightly when seen on certain parts of the body – we get it; but you won’t find a more comfortable and smooth shave for maintaining that “sun tan leg” look than Evolution. Our shaving lotion uses a proprietary blend of creams and oils that lets the razor lift hair effortlessly while moisturizing the skin as you go.

As Seen on TV

Check out what Kevin Harrington – original Shark Tank – has to say about the Evolution Shaver.


Customers Love Evolution 4!

Gene H.

Pinehurst, NC

I take many weekend trips and it is nice to just take the Evolution Razor. I used to have to take a razor, blades and a can of shaving cream so your razor is much more convenient.

Catherine D.

Palm Springs, CA

I love that I can shave my legs last minute without having to get in the shower or throw my leg into the sink. Just shave with the included shaving cream and then rub in anything left. Works great!

Officer Michael

Summerville, SC

Evolution made my day. I just finished a 14-hour shift to find out I had to be in court within the hour. I needed to shave but did not have time with all else I had to squeeze into a short space of time. I was able to shave in my car because I did not need water (how neat is that!). I arrived in court clean-shaven with a few minutes to spare.

Lyle C.

Flagler Beach, FL

I am an over-the-road truck driver. As you can imagine, it is not always easy for a trucker to shower and look his best when meeting shippers and receivers. These are the customers of a trucking company and the people you want to present a good impression with. I have found your shaver to be an excellent way to look and feel smart when traveling. I get a good shave, while sitting in my cab, without the need to worry about finding a source of water. It’s ideal for someone in my position. I’ll buy more shavers.

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